Camera Equipment
on HGVs

Installing Camera equipment on HGV’s is becoming the norm however not every camera system is the same. Once you start talking to companies that have installed camera systems in the past you quickly find out what a mine field the market is. From cheap camera systems with SD cards to fully blown Digital Video Recorder systems with 3G/4G access you hear tales of failed recordings, failed systems, no customer service and badly designed systems not suited to the industry. ​

With our directors coming from the haulage industry they wanted to create a system that is fit for the purpose that it was designed for and one that is reliable and makes sure that when the customer needs some video footage it is there for them to use.


360 Degree Vision

When adding cameras to your HGVs there are many decisions to be made. We believe that to really benefit you need to have a minimum of 3 cameras. Lots of companies offer a dashcam front facing only camera, however that may be OK for a car however your truck is much bigger than a car and a front camera only covers 7% of the vehicle. The majority of incidents that our customers have are side impacts which would not have been seen with a front facing camera and in many cases are not the drivers fault but without side cameras they would have been liable.​

Deciding if you need a Hard Disk in your DVR or can get away with a SD card is actually not hard, a SD card, no matter how large is just not designed to be written to continuously, they easily get corrupted and then when you need the video evidence either its not there or it has already been written over.​


We have written a cloud based software solution which is designed to make your life easier. Having come from the haulage industry we know how busy you are and if one of your trucks is in an incident you just want to get the video proof and your drivers version of events so you can get the claim sorted and move on to the next urgent issue. This is when AutoCMS comes into its own, the brilliantly simple AVES (Automatic Video Evidence System) automatically gathers the video proof from all of your cameras, it send a message to the drivers mobile phone or a truck tablet device allowing the driver to quickly add all of his version of events, upload any photos that shows what damage has been caused and also add all the 3rd party, witness and police information that you need to complete your claim.​


Once you have decided to add a camera system you can start to benefit from much, much more than clearing up any accidents for your insurance provider. We have integrated our system with lots of Telematics systems to provide you with a brilliant driver development/ review system. ​
Using the ability of your telematics solution to notify us that the driver has been speeding, harsh braking, harsh cornering, idling, harsh acceleration or any other notification that you want allows us to provide you with the video proof of how your driver is driving. This has proved to be an incredible teaching/ review method that many of our clients are benefiting from. Explaining to a driver that he is braking too late is really hard using telematics however once you show him the video of the harsh braking incident they really do get it and start to improve their driving style. The savings on fuel, tyres and general wear on the truck is very significant. ​