Commerical camera solutions

There has never been a better time to install a full mobile HD mobile camera system, not only does Transport for London see the benefit but insurance companies are now reducing premiums and also part funding camera systems.​

A good camera system provides you instantly with the video evidence that you need to prove what happened if an incident occur

Forklift Solutions

Forklift trucks are officially the 2nd most dangerous industrial machine second only to farm machinery.​

There are more than 100,000 incidents with FLT’s every year in the UK with over 1300 employees hospitalised with a serious injury.​

The British Safety Council are starting to press organisations into installing technology that improves FLT driver behaviour. Our FLT camera systems have been shown to improve driver behaviour by 80%.​

Integrating your telematics with our camera system is one of the most logical ideas we have ever had, the video proof has never been more beneficial.​
The cost of fuel, tyres and vehicle ware and tare to your business can be dramatically reduced if your drivers drove better. With our brilliantly simple Viewmatics we give you the tools to help your drivers drive better.​

We currently have integrations with​
WebFleet (TomTom), GeoTab and Orbcomm (BlueTree) is coming soon.​

Site cameras so advanced they will detect if a person is wearing the correct PPE, if the traffic is moving in the right direction and if someone has entered a dangerous zone.

Standard camera solutions provide you the vision around your sites, enhance it with AI and get more feedback from your cameras and improve your site safety


Install FASTVIEW36O on-board vehicle CCTV systems today

Defend against fraudulent insurance claims, protect yourself from delivery thefts, improve driver focus & safety.


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