Our vehicle cameras and video recording solutions provide you, with video proof of what you need, when you need it.​

We only fit the highest quality camera systems available which can be trusted to provide you with clear, reliable footage of any traffic incident minutes after it occurs. All video footage is saved in 1080p HD format giving you the best clarity available. ​​

Designed with busy office environments in mind, the DVR to 2 months worth of video data footage can be stored on the DVR.

Our revolutionary new cloud based software platform, AutoCMS, has been designed to make reviewing footage simple and quick. It has built in automatic collection of video and a designated driver app that allows the driver to add the information that you need for any insurance claim whilst at the scene. This includes extra videos and photographs, witness information, the drivers description of what happened, police incident numbers, description of damage etc.

We believe that our job is to provide our customers with any video that they require to show what exactly happened.

High Definition
Video Recording

The extra clarity and definition of our HD camera system can be clearly seen when you use the system. All of our video footage is recorded at 1080p resolution, giving you the video evidence when you need it

◎    Remote viewing and tracking on a dedicated App
◎    Reduce 50/50 claims
◎    Improve driver behaviour
◎    Eliminate delivery discrepancies
◎    100% Safety Standard Compliant
◎    Fully maintained and monitored solution
◎    Dedicated support team
◎    Warrantied for up to 5 years

A complete solution

We have a range of products to suit a wide variety of businesses and vehicle applications.

FastView360 Camera Product

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