Fastview 360 is part of associations that benefit us to benefit you

Have a look at the various associations we have with other companies as part of our promise to supply everything to the best quality and knowledge.


FORS Associate

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) encourages and incentivises the safe and sustainable operation of commercial vehicles. FORS  encourages and incentivises the safe and sustainable operation of commercial vehicles by awarding in 3 levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold.

We are a FORS Associate meaning that we fit and provide safety equipment to help you as a customer meet the requirements. Our camera system meets not only the FORS standard but also complies with the DVS legislation. With being able to see all angles of the vehicle, the view is enhanced in an aim to make it safer for vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians.


CLOCS is a national Standard that requires all stakeholders in construction to take
responsibility for health & safety beyond the hoardings. It demands collaborative action to prevent fatal or serious collisions between
vehicles servicing construction projects and vulnerable road users: pedestrians,
cyclists, and motorcyclists.

CLOCS Champions

CLOCS Champions are recognised for their commitment to the highest levels of safety. Through our contribution to developing and implementing CLOCS as a progressive and pragmatic national Standard, we provide leadership and action.
The strategy behind the CLOCS programme is focused on planning and procurement and
collaborative effort is needed to drive behaviours and commercial conditions that will support universal implementation of the CLOCS Standard.


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