Fastview360 Site Camera Solutions

Fastview360 are certified providers of Avigilon branded Motorola camera systems.

Using cloud based technology, enhanced with video analytic solutions, the ability to give you full vision across your sites goes from a potential to a reality.

We also offer the Alta end-to-end cloud security system and the Motorola additional services which gives you additional security features such as body-worn cameras.

We work with you to offer customised solutions

We can integrate with existing systems

In some cases we can utilise existing cameras and migrate them into a new system. We will do a site survey to establish what can be utilised and what will need replacing or adding to give you the best coverage.

What if you don't have a network connection?

We are able to provide 4G connection solutions that enable you to have the remote connectivity wherever you require.

The latest video analytic technology

Analytic functionalities allow the camera system to detect the use of PPE. Warnings can be given should there be personnel not wearing the suitable PPE.

  • Hard hat detection
  • Hi-Vis vest detection
  • Hi-Vis trouser detection
  • Safety goggles and glove detection
construction workers

Many sites have a directional flow to improve safety. Ensuring the direction is maintained is critical to safety and operations.

Using video analytic technologies, we can detect movement in the wrong direction and notify your site office instantly. Site safety working in harmony with your operations is a priority.

avigilon ptz - Copy

Dangerous working at height is avoidable with notification of issues as they may arrise.

Remote monitoring of cameras allows site managers to be aware of what is happening around their site at all times. Analytics give warnings of dangerous work process which can be used for staff training and to improve working processes.

working at height

Install FASTVIEW36O VEHICLE & SITE CCTV systems today

Defend against fraudulent insurance claims, protect yourself from  thefts, improve focus & safety.