DVS 2020
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Are you DVS2020 compliant and can you apply for your permit.

Transport for London have not made this easy for fleet managers, as if their job is not hard enough, the process to finding out if your trucks are 0,1,2,3,4 or 5 star rated is hard enough, you then have to fit all sorts of safety equipment depending on your “Vision Star” rating and finally apply for a permit giving proof the required safety equipment has been installed. 

We have an easy to use service to help all fleet managers through this process. 

Our Vision Star Rating service will find out the Star rating of your vehicles, then on a vehicle by vehicle bases we will inform you what the DVS2020 standard recommended Safety Equipment is that you need to install.

This service is FREE of charge and you can do what you wish with that information after we have compiled it for you, however Fastview360 do offer a DVS2020 compliant safety kit which we can supply and/or install and then apply for the permit on your behalf which we would be more than happy to quote for you once we have discovered what Safety Equipment that each vehicle requires.

DVS Star Ratings Explained

To meet 'one star' at least the head and shoulders of 99% of the European adult population must be seen with an 'acceptable' distance at the front and side.​

The 'acceptable' distance is set to where people become directly visible to within the area covered by mirrors and indirect vision becomes complemented by direct vision - 4.5m to the near side (Class V mirror) and 2m to the front (Class VI mirror) as per UNECE reg 46 and 0.6m to the offside.​

You can find out more about the DVS2020 standard and what you need to do to comply then please scroll down or go to www.DVS2020.org

Poor Direct Vision
Good Direct Vision


Safe System

The Safe System is a series of vehicle safety measures which are designed to reduce the risks HGVs present to cyclists and pedestrians. There are a number of Safe System proposals and we can help you to understand these.

DVS Star Rating

DVS star ratings for Euro IV, V and VI are now available from vehicle manufacturers. Contact your manufacturer to request a DVS star rating for your vehicle(s). We will need you chassis number and from this can help to calculate the star rating of your vehicles.

An International Standard

Alongside a Direct Vision Standard for London, Transport for London are working with other European cities and the European Union to push for long-term improvements by mandating direct vision in EU vehicle design and safety regulations.

Do you require a HGV safety permit?

HGVs more than 12 tonnes GVW only (not cars, vans, buses or coaches).

Enforced throughout the Greater London area (see above map), 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

See map of roads affected by the HGV safety permit scheme with enforcement taking place with the London-wide area.

Images courtesy and copyright of Transport for London.