Our job is to give you the video evidnece, that you need when you want it. Does your camera company offer that?

Most vehicle camera companies sell you cameras and sometimes a DVR. If the system goes wrong then you have to get it fixed, if you notice its failed before you need it for video evidence. 

At Fastview360 we believe its our job to provide you with the video evidence that you need when you need it. 

This change in focus has enabled us to develop the most reliable camera system on the market, backed up with our unbeatable managed service providing you with unlimited product warranty against product failure. 

We provide superfast 3G/4G superfast on-board vehicle CCTV with the ability to live view, track and manage claims. The system is there to protect your drivers, your fleet, your insurance and all in the knowledge that the system is reliable.

We hear all too often of other systems that have failed, costing fleet offices time and expense in claims. By proving what happened, fraudulent claims can be halved - there is no escaping the truth in video evidence.

Our fully monitored and managed service will let you know if there is a fault with a camera. If we can fix it remotely, we carry this work out so your system is back to full working order as soon as possible, otherwise we will contact you to book a support call.

Help to save yourself and insurance companies time by providing the footage of any incident. Our dedicated driver app allows drivers to add their detailed account and include any additional footage, images, third party and witness details as well as police and damage details adding to an informative claim form that can be sent straight to your insurers.

We don't just sell you hardware, aftersales are just as important to us than new ones. We pride ourselves in offering a service like on other where there is a support team ready to help when you need it.

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