Fastview360 statement regarding the Ukraine crisis


Fastview360 Ltd is fully committed to minimising the risks and impacts resulting from the Ukraine crisis for customers and services. We are also actively safeguarding the well-being of employees and our supply chain partners during these difficult times.

This statement provides an outline to our position as a company related to Russia and the current situation. We have outlined the steps that have been taken as an emergency response and have provided a communication channel should you require further information or clarification.


Supply Chain, Partners, Investors and Customers

Fastview360 can confirm that it does not have direct relationships with Russian or Belarussian organisations or entities. For clarity, this includes supply chain, customers, partners and investors. In addition, we are not shipping any products to Russia or Belarus.

We have immediately implemented a policy that we will not enter into direct relationships with organisations associated with Russia or Belarus. This will be managed through processes implemented in finance, procurement and sales operations to ensure that new suppliers and customers are checked in this regard.



Our directors and management team are meeting regularly to actively manage risks and actions going forwards.

We are operating in a heightened state of alert and have taken steps to actively reduce risk wherever possible without impacting services to our customers.

We have increased security awareness amongst staff across the company and have performed an internal audit of business processes to ensure we remain compliant and secure.



Fastview360 has no Russian, Belarussian or Ukrainian national employees and has no employees based in those countries.

In addition to security awareness, we are aware of the impact the developing situation can have on our employees and are offering advice towards support services. We will continue to monitor employee well-being as a priority.


Supporting the Humanitarian response

Fastview360 have a selection of valued customers who are providing drop off locations for humanitarian support items, please email for your local drop off point that we are aware of.

Fastview360 are making a company donation to UNICEF’s emergency response to the conflict in Ukraine.

Should you require further information or clarification, please email


Damion Davis

Managing Director