Viewmatics solutions are unique to FastView360 and can be tailored to individual requirements

Each requirement for each customer has a fundamental need - footage when you need it. However, to achieve this there are different vehicle types, different safety standards to comply with and problems that customers are experience.

Viewmatics give you live viewing, live tracking and live status of any hardware that and software that you have with Fastview360 and our platform AutoCMS

Why use Viewmatics?

Transport offices are busy, fast paced environments. We understand the difficulties of processing a complaint, insurance claim or dealing with any driver incidents and behaviour because our directors with over 35 years experience in that sector. Ensuring the system is deigned to be quick, simple to use and efficient giving you the footage you want when you need it most is what we are all about.

When you join us, you will be given a full training session on the system. We also offer a dedicated support team that are ready to help with any issues should they arrive. Training staff are on hand to be able to provide refreshers when you need them.

Make your fleet management more streamline with AutoCMS and Fastview360

High Definition
Video Recording

The extra clarity and definition of our HD camera system can be clearly seen when you use the system. All of our video footage is recorded at 1080p resolution, giving you the video evidence when you need it

◎    Remote viewing and tracking on a dedicated App
◎    Reduce 50/50 claims
◎    Improve driver behaviour
◎    Eliminate delivery discrepancies
◎    100% Safety Standard Compliant
◎    Fully maintained and monitored solution
◎    Dedicated support team
◎    Warrantied for up to 5 years

A complete solution

We have a range of products to suit a wide variety of businesses and vehicle applications.

FastView360 Camera Product

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