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Smith Brothers Stores Ltd

Industry: Nationwide trade organisation, specialising in the distribution of commercial plumbing, heating, and air conditioning products along with all associated fittings and ancillaries
Location: Blaby Leicster, Leicstershire
Background: Smith Brothers Stores Ltd (SBS) have been around since 1897, founded by Walter Smith. The company has progressed and developed to having 15 stores and operating a nationwide distribution network. 2020 has also seen the planned introduction of larger capacity, 18 tonne Volvo lorries.


Smith Brothers Stores previously had older generation camera systems installed. The difference was they have never used cloud based cameras.

In looking to find a new system, the cloud based storing of footage that we offer was appealing.

Previously, the company had gone to retrieve footage from the hard drive, later to find that the cameras hadn't been recording or storing the data. This proved to be a regular problem.

"Our experience on aftersales support was positive. There was always someone on hand to deal with queries by phone. The actual customer service element and after sales has been excellent."

Andrew Teer
Transport Operations Manager
Smith Brothers Stores Ltd

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The Challenge

SBS want to have confidence that their systems operational status are continuously monitored. As new legislation is being rolled out, they wanted to be compliant with standards such as the Direct Vision Standard (DVS). Previous generation systems haven't been reliable in making sure that the system is recording and storing. Other probems with older generation systems included missing footage when it needed to be retrieved.

The Approach

SBS are a FORS Accredited Operator. They looked at seven potential suppliers of a system and filtered this to three companies. They then asked for more information including trials and more detailed pricing.

Fastview360 were able to provide a demonstration of the software and fit a system to trial to show how it could benefit the company. With benefits noted, not only the new fleet but the entire fleet of HGV's are being installed with a Fastview360 system.

The system approach also allows SBS to benefit from footage retrieval for driver training purposes as well as for incident investigation.

FastView360 Camera Product

The Solution

All vehicles are equipped with appropriate audio warnings, front facing, rear facing and side cameras.

With our AutoCMS cloud based software we can ensure that the data is available when its needed. The automatic DVR health status checks allows us to see if there are any issues and address them remotely or be on site quickly if remote resolution isn't possible.

"It is fair to say therefore that we have already achieved a pay back on the investment, because we have assurance that the video evidence will be available. We have the knowledge that it will deliver the data when we need it" explained Transport Operations Manager, Andrew Teer.