JH Willis Fleet Manager

JH Willis Ltd

Industry: Transportation of food grade bulk liquid

Location: Gresford, Wrexham, Wales

Background: JH Willis Ltd was founded in 1926 and has adapted to all the changes within the milk industry. JH Willis Ltd remains a family firm who have a wealth of experience in both management and workforce. The company runs reload operations in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland. At their base in Gresfrod Wrexham, JH Willis operates a milk reload and CIP facility. The fleet currently consists of 35 trucks and 50 tanker trailers complimented with 50 drivers.


The previous generation of cameras used by JH Willis had discrete units lacking efficient download, backup and playback facilities.

Fleet manager, Simon Lord explained that “the introduction of live video streaming marks a new generation of this technology featuring online notification, rapid download and replay facilities, making the information more readily available in the event of a notifiable incident”.

JH Willis wanted to be able to formulate video evidence into a report for insurers to accept immediately without having to come back for further clarification on an event whilst integrating with the telematics system.

A significant change in driving style and awareness has been noted since having the systems installed.

“We looked at several other video playback services on the market. But none of them were able to match the functionality of the FastView 360 event capture and download capability”

Simon Lord
Fleet Manager
JH Willis Ltd

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The Challenge

JH Willis already had camera systems installed on their fleet when Simon Lord , Fleet Manager, started his position at the company, however the systems relied on memory cards that often stopped recording if the memory was full or there was no card in the camera’s system at all. The company wanted to be able to access information fast with video footage to support it. Insurance companies can use up valuable time coming back to a company for more information to clarify an incident so a software that could help reduce the time spent was highly beneficial.

The Approach

Ensuring that the different styles of vehicle HJ Willis have were covered and supported efficiently allowed us to tailor the product to each vehicle. Integrating with TomTom WebFleet allowed us to provide telematics as well as viewmatics to the company’s system.

Using the systems to demonstrate driver behaviour has played a key role as well as adapting an insurance claim form that meets the requirements of JH Willis fleet insurance company. Our claim form setup allows information from all parties to be included such as witness information, third parties, police and property damage. This is adaptable and can be modified to meet the insurers’ requirements.

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The Solution

All vehicles are now fitted with cameras covering the forward and rear views from both driving mirrors. In addition to these cameras the farm collection tankers have also been fitted with rear view cameras.

By having the cameras installed and integrated with the telematis system, JH Willis  now has a very powerful tool to use aiming to improve all round the standards of driver quality. They have been using this to help with on-going driver training as JH Willis can now run through an incident by looking at the actual footage of the event. It also allows JH Willis to prove who is at fault if an incident occurs as without footage, it is often the case that they had to accept liability as there was no solid proof.

Simon Lord concluded an interview saying: “We intend to exploit this technology fully. And we do this by taking advantage of our close proximity and working relationship with the FastView360 development team in Crewe. Support is available to us very quickly should we need it. This is central to our operations and important that support is readily available”

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