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Industry: Growers and packers of fresh vegetables and salads
Location: Tarleton, Preston, Lancashire
Background: Founded in 1942, Huntapac supplied the local Fruit & Veg markets in Lancashire and Yorkshire however in 1967 a new pack house was built to cope with the increasing demand for high quality produce. In more recent years it has more than doubled in size and become a 24-hour, 364-day-a-year operation, and one of the largest and most successful root producers in the UK with roughly 500 staff. With over 50 trucks and 18 tractors Huntapac are one of the Northwests leading fresh food producers and suppliers.


Like all companies that have lots of HGV's Huntapac suffered from high insurance costs and painful 50/50 insurance claims that were not the fault of the companies drivers. Having used a couple of other Camera solutions Huntapac finally settled on Fastview360's solution and service.


With the benefit of Fastview360's 1080P High Definition camera quality by the end of February Huntapac had already saved enough on 50/50 insurance claims to pay for the system for all of 2019.

"Great system, great service
already had an incident where the camera's proved the accident was not our fault."

Will Hunter

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Improved Driver Behaviour
Saved In Insurance Claims So Far This Year
Faster Claims Resolution
Huntapac Vehicle Cameras

The Challenge

Huntapac decided on a 4 Camera system with in cab monitor, 4G live streaming and a 1TB hard disk. The fleet manager now uses Fastview360's AutoCMS to automatically collect the videos for any incident that happens and gets the drivers to add their version of the incident on the AutoCMS driver app which reduces the accident to claim resolution down to hours, saving £1000's per year.

The Approach

Huntapac's vehicles work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so arranging to get to all of the vehicles was a challenge. We planned a process that when new vehicles came into the dealers we will fit the camera system there.

FastView360 DVR

The Solution

We installed 4 x 1080P Hign Definition Cameras to Huntapacs new Mercedes Trucks, each with our High Definition DVR with live streaming via 4G. Our Cloud based software AutoCMS has been implemented enabling automatic collection of videos for all incidents that the fleet manager wants. The Driver app as been rolled out to allow all their drivers to add any extra photographs and videos from outside of the truck and all of their version of events and any 3rd party details.

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"It makes all the hard work worthwhile when our system provides the HD quality video that instantly resolves any disputes"

Wayne Moss
Head of Onsite services