Richard King Haulage

Case Study:
Richard King Haulage

A driver from Preston-based Richard King Haulage has endorsed the decision to equip the company’s fleet of HGVs with high quality video telematics supplied by FastView360. 

Paul St John praised the equipment saying:

 “The most impressive feature of the FastView360 system is the online playback and event capture facility, which distinguishes this set up from other vehicle cab video systems.

A handy button is located behind the steering wheel allowing the driver to initiate video playback if ever he should be involved in a road traffic incident. After pressing the ‘event’ button the system will alert the depot monitor and then initiate the download covering a bracket of time leading up to the incident.

This was put to the test very quickly after one of our drivers was confronted by an angry motorist following a rear end shunt." 

"But on this occasion our driver was able to telephone the head office and ask for a supervisor to view the video download. Within a few minutes the office supervisor was able to describe the event, stating that the recording showed that the motorist was clearly responsible for the accident, after pulling into the path of the truck and breaking suddenly. 

On being informed that this evidence was readily available the car driver simply held up his hands and admitted responsibility. It was as simple as that without any need to view the download because the driver knew that it was his fault."

Proprietor Richard King

“Our fleet of 19 vehicles are all equipped with cameras linked to the FastView360 monitoring service.

Within the first four months in operation, the FastView360 system has helped us deal with two ‘hit-and-run incidents, as well as the ‘brake-check’."

"In all of these cases we have been totally exonerated of any liability by our insurance provider.”

“Put simply, apart from helping to contain the costs of insurance this has saved valuable time that would have been taken up in dealing with these claims. Time saved, which has fully justified the cost of the installation.”

Richard King Driver Paul St John

The video is crucial
for evidence gathering

“The equipment has other more general use in helping the police to gather evidence, even if the truck was not involved directly in an accident. For instance, should one of our drivers witness other road users driving dangerously, he can use the button to book-mark some video of the on-going situation. This video footage could be made available if requested for any subsequent investigation by traffic police."

Video Event Recording Button

Paul continues, “I use the facility more or less routinely on the contingency basis. For every journey we make we are likely to capture one or two examples of careless driving. Should there be an accident, the police will ask for any available video evidence. As more fleet operators are installing cameras, this should benefit everybody by increasing awareness and thereby helping to improve road safety.

“As a truck driver, the video cameras are important because they safeguard my interests. Road traffic conditions are becoming increasingly challenging and accidents will occur.  Apart from the damage, hours of valuable time will then be taken up establishing what happened and who was responsible. Video recordings are generally infallible. If the accident was not my fault, it is no longer my word against the third party and the boss can see it for himself.”