Dairygold Case Study FastView360

Dairygold Cheese

Industry: Bulk Cheese procurement, processing and dispatch to retail
Location: Lancaster Fields, Crewe, Cheshire
Background: Since the early 1900s, families have been farming the lush green pastures of Ireland’s fertile Golden Valleys. As the industry grew over the years, local farmers saw the opportunity to join forces by forming dairy co-operatives. Ballyclough was established in 1908, and Mitchelstown in 1919. Backed by the co-operatives, Ireland’s premium dairy region was thriving.
Dairygold Crewe depot supplies premium cheeses and dairy nutritional's made from milk whey and casein to the global marketplace, including infant formulae and protein powders.


Like all haulage companies Dairygold have their fair share of delivery discrepancies and their insurance premiums keep rising.

Lyndon Oakley from their Crewe Depot wanted to solve this once and for all.

He requested a Vehicle Camera system to help reduce 50/50 claims and wondered if a similar system setup in the trailer to add a layer of surveillance when pallets are being loaded and unloaded from the trailer.

Not is his wildest dreams did he think the results would have been so spectacular.

"We have saved £1000's since we installed the Camera system, I cant believe that every haulage company does not have a Camera System like this installed."

Lyndon Oakley
Logistics Manager

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Reduction in Delivery Discrepancies
Sideswipe accident saving
Faster Dispute Resolution
Reduced Management Overhead
Delivery Discrepancy Fastview360

The Challenge

Dairygold had two requirements, one to protect the truck and one for delivery disputes and one to help resolve delivery discrepancies. As the trailer can be left at a site for a period of time without the truck Dairygold wanted an independent system on the trailer that would work with or without the truck attached to the trailer.

The Approach

As the trailer is required to be treated as a separate vehicle to the truck but also needs to be linked when they are attached this was a difficult challenge.

However our head of development assured is that he could link the two DVR's together in the software when they were connected and driving down the road.

Dairygold could not guarantee us good light conditions in the trailer so we installed our dual day and night cameras in the trailer which will work in total darkness if required to do so.

FastView360 DVR

The Solution

On the truck we installed a 3 camera system all 1080p HD quality and a HD DVR with 4G, 1 TB hard disk, GPS and in-cab monitor. This enables us to get 93% view of the truck and down the side of the trailer so we can record any potential front incidents and all side swipe incidents too.

The trailer only required 2 cameras both HD 1080P and with full day/ night capability. The Trailer DVR also was HD and has its own 4G Sim, GPS so the trailer can be tracked and a 1 TB disk.

With our AutoCMS cloud based software we have connected the truck and trailer when they are travelling in the same direction, this has enabled the client to know where the trailer is and when it is on the road.