Cooleraid Van Camera Solution


Industry: Water Bottle Deliveries
Location: Green Road, Newmarket, Suffolk
Background: Founded over 20 years ago, Cooleraid offers a nationwide service supplying water coolers and hot water boilers to schools, universities,
businesses and the NHS.
With over 34 delivery vans as a leading UK supplier, we can offer a full service from beginning to end, starting with your initial product choice through to installation, on-going maintenance and full after sales care. We always ensure you speak directly to your account manager, who will be your primary point of contact for all questions and assistance.


Having grown to one of East Anglia's largest independent Water Bottle suppliers, the companies Van insurance costs were spiralling up. Cooleraid had tried SD Camera solutions before and found the reliability not to be good enough, as when a video was captured the quality was often not good enough to prove who was at fault or even the Card had not been recording.

Cooleraid needed a solution that was high quality, reliable and easy to use. A supplier of Cooleraid, AJ Maidens recommended Fastview360 and after a successful 30 day trial we agreed to fit out the entire fleet of Vans.

Within the first week we have already managed to prove that a 7.5 tonne Van had driven past a Cooleraid Van and damaged the rear of the vehicle which was a claim worth over £1000.

The integrated monitor has been well received by the drivers who are now able to get live rear view camera footage by selecting the indicators or reverse gear. Depot Manager John Morris was particularly impressed with the image quality of the rearview cameras, stating that many small incidents previously have come from unsighted objects behind or beside the vehicle.

"Great system, great service
and within the first week, had an incident where the camera's proved the accident was not our fault."

John Charles
Managing Director

Improved Driver Behaviour
Faster Claims Resolution
Over £
Saved in the first month
Delivery Discrepancy Fastview360

The Challenge

Cooleraid decided on a 4 Camera system, in cab monitor, 4G live streaming and a 2TB hard disk. The fleet manager now uses Fastview360's AutoCMS to automatically collect the videos for any incident that happens and gets the drivers to add their version of the incident on the AutoCMS driver app which reduces the accident to claim resolution down to hours. This has resulted that in the first month, they have already saved over £1000 on damage to a Van when the driver was parked up and in a clients office. The HD quality image clearly capturing the driver and number plate of the 3rd party vehicle, and to quote Cooleraid's Insurance broker who 'was super impressed with the footage and has never seen footage so clear before'. Live GPS gives full tracking of each vehicle, with the tracking function to show speeds and location throughout the day. Cooleraid drivers park their vans at home overnight, and historically damage has been caused as a result with no way of capturing the 3rd party. With our hard drive specification, we have allowed them to continue recording all night if needed, or for cameras to switch on and off at set times when the vehicles are parked up.

The Approach

As Cooleraid have their own workshop they wanted to install and maintain their own system. We arranged to go to site and fit out their 3 different vehicles with their Depot Manager John Morris.

John has proved more than up to the task, working with our internal support team, John has continued to roll out our Camera system to their existing fleet and is now planning the installation to the new Vans that are coming in June.

FastView360 DVR

The Solution

We specified 4 x 1080P High Definition Cameras to Cooleraid fleet of Vans, each with our High Definition DVR with live streaming via 4G. Our Cloud based software AutoCMS has been implemented enabling automatic collection of videos for all incidents that the fleet manager wants. The Driver app has been rolled out to allow all their drivers to add any extra photographs and videos from outside of the truck and all of their version of events and any 3rd party details.

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"Its been a pleasure working with John to smoothly roll out the camera system."

Wayne Moss
Head of Onsite services