Chiltern Distribution

Chiltern Distribution

Industry: Transport solutions for frozen, chilled and ambient distribution

Location: Funthams Lane, Whittlesey, Peterborough

Background: Chiltern Distribution Ltd is a spin-off from Chiltern Cold StorageGroup Ltd., following a management buyout of the Peterborough based business in 2018. The original business was founded by Paul Jackson in 1993.

Specialising in produce and products requiring cold storage, Paul Jackson had built Chiltern Cold Storage to a £35M turnover with 300 employees and a fleet of 100 trucks operating from five sites. Having reached a plateau in its growth and development, Paul took the opportunity to review his situation going forward. The decision was taken to sell off Chiltern Cold Storage under an MBO arrangement, enabling Paul to run Chiltern Distribution Ltd as an independent company. Thereby enabling both companies to focus on their respective core markets.


Anything Chilern Distribution choose to adopt, whether it be an item of workwear, computer system, a vehicle, tractor unit or a trailer, they believe it is crucial that they get the drivers’ acceptance and engagement with that decision.

Paul Jackson says "It needs to be a ‘win’ for the driver. You cannot impose things because that is a negative for the driver. I have been searching for a camera system that would tick all the boxes for me."

FastView360 video telematics system was reccomended to Paul Jackson and following the recommendation, we agreed to set up a trial installation.

"The FastView 360 system was uncomplicated with video high quality recording now immediately available at the scene. The cameras provided great resolution for picture quality.  The installation went very smoothly, fitting in with our operational requirements by doing the vehicles in batches over the weekends."

Paul Jackson
Chiltern Distribution

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The Challenge

Chiltern Distribution had a desire to meet insurance company recommendations in installing camera systems as well as keeping in with the company ethos and working with the drivers to embrace any new changes to their work and environemnt.

The Approach

As the company is busy with operations, timing was essential to get the cameras fitted with minimal disturbance to the company.

Challenge accepted by our head of development as he assured us that he could fit the cameras and get the software up and running with little disruption to the company's work.

With the fleet continuing to operate, the installation process took place over several weekends to fit in with Chiltern Distribution's operational requirements.

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The Solution

On the truck we installed a 3 camera system all 1080p HD quality. This enables us to get 93% view of the truck and down the side of the trailer so we can record any potential front incidents and all side swipe incidents too.

With our AutoCMS cloud based software we the drivers are supported against fraudulent claims and have video evidence of what happened in the case of an incident.