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A&R Containers

Industry: Container haulage company specialising in the transportation of both hazardous and temperature controlled goods across the UK and Europe
Location: Risby, West Suffolk
Background: A&R Containers is part of the A&R Group. A&R Containers part of the A&R Group, and they have quickly become known as one of the most reliable haulage companies in East Anglia, working with some of the biggest trailer operators and freight forwarders in the UK and Europe. A&R Containers, established in the middle of the global pandemic in 2020 has been busy in container transportation across the UK and Europe. A&R Containers pride themselves in offering an extra mile service where nothing is impossible.


A&R already had a camera system installed when Roland Hollings joined the company as Transport Operations Manager.

This system failed on several occasions including a rollover where there was simply no footage to be found.

"The access platform broke, and there was a camera fault we weren't aware of until we were looking for footage" explained Roland.

After some market research, he contacted Fastview360 for a solution to his problem.

"The system paid for itself in the first month. In an incident where a car was 100% at fault, the cameras provided the video evidence that we needed to secure the claim."

Roland Hollings
Transport Operations Manager
A&R Containers

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The Challenge

A&R Containers had a system that wasn't fulfilling it's job. The company needed a high quality, reliable system that could be installed across the fleet causing as little disruption to their busy work schedule as possible.

The Approach

Roland was offered a trial of the system so he could see the benefits and restore faith in camera systems.

“We took the offer of a trial and loved what we saw. There are so many useful features to the system included in the packages. Pre- and post-sales support has been excellent with nothing seeming to be too much trouble. Our insurer said it is the best system he has seen, with such clarity in daytime and night-time footage" explained Roland.

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The Solution

Fastview360 have provided the A&R Containers and A&R Haulage fleet with a 3 camera system. This includes nearside, front, and blind spot 1080P HD cameras.

The install process was scheduled and planned around the company to minimise disruption to planned logistics.

Support doesn't stop at the point of sale at Fastview360, we are there to support customers so they can achieve the best results possible with their camera systems.